What does your patient with Automobile Accident Injuries Need to Heal?

Automobile accidents affect the whole person-in addition to pain, there may be financial or medical worries that create anxiety. Furthermore, some component of post concussion syndrome may be present, even without loss of consciousness. Patients need to have access to a spectrum of care-expert care of musculoskeletal injuries, of course, but also access to psychological services, and alternative care such as manipulation and acupuncture. For more significant injuries, expert specialized services such as spinal facet or epidural injections may be necessary.

Why should you refer your patient to CROM?

CROM provides a complete spectrum of musculoskeletal care, reducing the need for subsequent referrals to multiple specialists. We have physicians of multiple specializations, including Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; specialists in treating patients with acute pain, injuries and stiffness associated with automobile accident injuries.

If your patient requires more advanced care, including non-surgical spinal procedures, CROM’s injectionists are fellowship trained, including in pain management, from some of the finest programs in the country to provide these services.

How is CROM different from other specialized providers of care to patients in Automobile Accidents?

CROM physicians are true experts in their fields. In addition to providing care for patients with automobile injuries, our physicians treat a wide spectrum of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions incorporating both traditional and alternative care-as well as cutting edge treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to the treatment of automobile injuries at CROM. With a complete spectrum of care available, our goal is to select the right individual program for each patient. For example, while we have fellowship-trained physicians available to provide spinal injections-most of our patients do not require these treatments. Our goal is treat your patient the same way we would treat our own family.

How soon can my patient be seen?

We know what it’s like to be in pain, and we want to help. We have a special hotline for appointments for patients in automobile accidents. For patients with acute injuries within the previous 10 days we will have an appointment available with two business days. For all other patients with automobile accident related injuries, appointments are available within one week (although if you want to refer to one specific CROM physician, the timing of the appointment will be based upon that physician’s availability).

How does the CROM Cares Program relate to my care of the Patient?

You continue to play the role that you choose as the patient’s primary care provider. You will receive regular medical reports from the CROM care of your patient, and you can either continue to see the patient and direct care as the primary care provider, or if you wish, CROM physicians can assume care for the patient’s automobile accident-related injuries. In either case, CROM does not offer primary care medical services, and you continue as the patient’s primary care provider.

How do I make an appointment?

Call our Auto Accident Referral Hotline at (303) 306.2407. We accept all patients with a recent automobile accident for an initial evaluation without regard to insurance status.

What about payment?

All patients are accepted for an initial consultation and treatment. Most commercial insurances are accepted. For patients who are injured in accidents where they are not at fault, treatment can usually be provided at no up-front cost to the patient through injury finance companies who will work with patient and an attorney to arrange deferred payment out of the settlement of legal action. For patients who have no coverage of any kind, CROM has special cash pricing for the initial visit and can discuss payment options for further care. Please call our Scheduling line.