Levi Miller, DO is a CROM physician specializing in Spinal Procedures and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Miller recently performed an intradiscal spinal procedure using platelet rich plasma (PRP) for back pain due to lumbar degenerative disc disease. PRP was simply harvested from the patient’s own whole blood, and the platelets concentrated the same day with a centrifuge. The PRP was then injected directly into the patient’s lumbar discs.

This procedure is evidence based, with the evidence derived from a randomized controlled double blind study as described in a recent Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal article.

PRP Randomized Controlled Double Blind Study

The patient noted significant pain relief by 4 weeks. She had a large decrease (80%) in her opioid pain medication usage. The Denver resident has returned to her normal activities, including hiking over 5 miles through the Colorado mountains, an activity she had not been able to enjoy or tolerate for many years.

Needless to say, both she and her physicians are very excited about her dramatic improvement. She has been able to avoid back surgery, has decreased her pain medication usage, and is returning to her normal activities. It is expected that the PRP will continue to improve the patient’s back pain as it is regenerative in nature.